I am a 56 year old songwriter/singer/musician/producer and I live in Carrollton, Ohio, a small town of 3500 people.  At the age of 10, I was singing and playing guitar in my local church, senior citizens meetings and anywhere I could get a gig. By the age of 14, I started a band called “Middle of the Road” with my cousin and a few friends from high school.

“Middle of the Road”, played mostly top 40, rock and country music; we were playing 2-3 shows a week, including many local clubs.  By the age of 19, I started playing with a new group who played all over Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.  This band called “Night Shift” was very popular on the local scene and even had a few songs played on local radio stations.  Night Shift, played 4-7 shows a week, and became successful in our local scene.

Following this band, I played with 2 different bands “Trenton Flicke” and “After Dark”, once again very popular local bands. When my children were born, I gave up the bar band scene and became a dad, the most important and rewarding job I ever had.  I’ve been married for 32 years to a beautiful wife Christine, and we have 2 children Carlee and Joshua, who are both grown and married now.

I love writing songs and have been writing since I received my first guitar at the age of 9.  I write mostly Country, Christian, Rock and Folk music, but occasionally write a novelty tune just to amuse myself.  If I can make one person smile, cry, laugh, dance, or celebrate to my music, it is a blessing most people never receive.  I currently work with several songwriters and help them develop their songs and record demos for these writers to be shopped to publishers and A/R people in the industry.

I have 1 song that has been cut by an independent artist in Texas and briefly charted on independent radio locally and abroad and had pitches to several major artists.  Living in a small town gives me a different view of the world and a different perspective on how things are.  I love being around people and learning new things and hearing stories of how things are and how things use to be. I really enjoy the opportunity to collaborate with other writers on songs and look forward to these occasions.  I hope you like what I have to say in my songs and enjoy my music.

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Jeff Graham


Carlton, Ohio