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Jodi Lynn Holley was born in Mesquite, TX, and she is a distant cousin of Buddy Holly.  She is a mother with one son, Jodi also is a vocal translator, which allows her to also write songs in other languages.  Jodi is able to play piano and violin, she has also taken viola lessons, she has sang in various church and school choirs since she was 10.  Jodi has won several piano and vocal awards, including being selected for UIL All-Region Choir.  Jodi’s dream was to write songs and vocal arrangements for choirs, using her foreign language skills to translate them and have them sung all over the world.

Jodi was told in college that she did not have the ability to make it in the music industry, after hearing this she gave up on her dream.  Then one day, Jodi says “Our pastor was doing a series called “Real People in the Bible” and spoke on Joseph from the Old Testament one Sunday.  He recalled how Joseph had dreams that his brothers had shattered.  He said that some people, i.e. Simon from American Idol, regularly rip other people’s dreams to shreds.  Then he said, “How about you?  Has someone come along and destroyed your dreams?”  Yeah, that’s me.  My dreams died a long time ago.”

Hearing this and few other incidents encouraged Jodi to take up her songwriting desire and keep dreaming.

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