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Recording Artist, R’Mya DeMarrco, is her real name, she is Lyric, or aka Lyricallashea.  She began her musical journey in 2009, as a senior in high school, lyric recorded her first song on cakewalk and fell in love with the sound of her voice on a track.  Lyric took the next two years perfecting her style and flow, networking and establishing industry relationships, and then began recording in 2011.

Lyric presently has her first mixtape featured on Reverb Nation totaling a whopping eighteen songs, with a variety of songs on Sound Cloud that were produced by Damon Knox of Cali Bread music, and she is Currently working with Michael Ricer of 208 Music, and Matt Vanderboegh of Vanderboegh Productions, to create her first album. “I didn’t start off as a rapper. I’m a writer at heart.”  My first song was a remix to lil wanes, “I’m ill”.  later I recorded my first mixtape, which was produced by Young Proof, followed by another project, which was produced by Damon Knox.

Over the years she has performed several series and features with a variety of artist.  Lyric soon fell in love with performing, the thrill of being on stage in front of people,.  Lyric realized her gift of being comfortable engaging with and entertaining people, she always desired to model, and saw the same relation for stage performing in being a model.  Lyric has so far been featured in five music videos; “Run me my money” by AV LMKR, “If These Wall Could Talk” Kaynine The Boss and “Jelly Roll” Mayne Trip featuring Airez Orleans, “Molly Water” by Duce the Don and “Only Remix” by Mobb Marley, with a 6th video of her own coming soon called “Cryogenic”,

Lyric desire to establish a self expressive brand, each song expressed through video and picture, visually adding her modeling as an expression of her emotion from her songs.  “Modeling goes hand in hand with my carrier as an artist, in the entertainment business they are continuously having their picture taken, and I want to be as prepared as I can, it also helps to build brand awareness and establishing an audience.”.

“Lyricallashea is  a positive influence who seeks to bring a different perspective of hip hop to the common people.  Her music is uplifting and empowering, and she seeks to heal and guide through her lyrics, character and testimony.  She has a message about the love of God that she has experienced, a story of God’s direction for her, in learning how to endure and overcome her trials and tribulations, as well as her own personal doubt.

HERE IS THE BEST PART! In February 2016, Lyric made her commitment to Christ, obeying and displaying the “love found in the Word and honoring the Word made flesh, Christ forever, as an atonement for her salvation”.  She is a christian and a christian is who’s she is.  She says “Its not just a label to identify with, its a mentality, its action, its love.  If everyone loved each other there would be fewer issues in the world”.

Her goals as a Hip Hop artist are to spread the love of God through her music, uplifting and sharing positive vibes with the common people. Meeting people where they are.  Which she explains meaning “My body is a temple, I am the church. Wherever I am so is the Love of God. Would it make sense to preach to the choir, when the people in the pews (the world) are the ones who need it most.  God is omnipresent, not bound by four walls, nor am I.  Wherever there is a stage, no… wherever there is an ear to hear, I will be there, to share the Word, Love and Fun, without judgement or expectations.”

Goals lyric also has, is to build her brand awareness, make her music profitable, become a published author, and to promote love, confidence, and perseverance.  Lyrics final words to her fans are; “Im very grateful for you taking the time to listen to my music, or view my pictures, without your support, I could not dream to accomplish all that I have, or hope to reach greater heights.  Remember to do the work your called to do, the work I’m referring to is not a job, it is what you were put on this earth to do, from construction worker, to politician, to doctor, no matter what, find what you love and do it.  Where there is a will there’s a way, often we are our greatest obstacle.  Don’t let naysayers hinder your blessings, creativity or productivity.  Know your goal and work towards it every day, and don’t forget to pray.

Im very grateful for you taking the time to listen to my music, and view my pictures, without the support, I could not dream to accomplish all that I have, or hope to reach greater heights.  Stick with me to the top and I promise you won’t be disappointed.  Each song she writes, represents a part of her personality, so cry with her, laugh with her, dance with her, as you listen to her latest work, and Join in and experience, “The Prodigal Returns” Produced by 208 Music.”- R’Mya DeMarrco

My music has its own style, I can’t compare it to nobody! I have nothing but love for those who support my grind and believe in me and what I can bring to the table.  Stay with me, my goal is to light up the music game.

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