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Norma has loved music for as long as she can remember.  She was singing almost before she learned to talk.  Her mother often told the story of finding 3-year-old Norma sitting on the back step singing a lullaby to a handful of earthworms.  Although Norma’s childhood was difficult in many ways, music provided welcome bright spots. Her earliest musical memories include listening to her older brother’s collection of classical music, singing songs in the family car, and singing in church.  Norma began writing poetry as a young child, and she began composing songs as a teenager.

Writing music became an even more important part of Norma’s life when she married Kraig, who diligently supported and encouraged her efforts. Although Kraig likes to boast that his job is to carry her guitar, very often her performances include his vocal talents and, at times, his lyrics and writing abilities as well.  Norma first began performing her music for friends and family. Soon she was in demand to perform in church services and at community gatherings.

Norma’s song lyrics range from whimsical to inspirational, and her music ranges from sacred hymns to pop pieces for rock bands.  Music has been extremely important in helping Norma heal from painful emotional wounds in her life.  Through writing songs, she has been able to learn lessons and gain a new perspective from these experiences, and even be grateful for them!  Music has been an effective catalyst in helping her find her Savior and develop a strong and ongoing relationship with Him.

Norma loves to share her music with others; to bring hope to those with haunting pasts or who feel stuck in difficult circumstances; to help them heal from their own painful wounds; to make people laugh; to help bring people together; but most of all to bring people closer to Jesus Christ so they can experience His love for them.

She welcomes any opportunity to bear witness of His love and the healing power He has manifest in her life. That is what gives her life meaning and purpose.  Norma recently released her 12th album of original music, “Feeding the 5000 Families: 20 Years of Music”.  This album is a collection of the theme songs she has written for the annual Feeding the 5000 Families food drive campaign over the past 20 years. All proceeds from the sale of CDs and songbooks are donated to the Idaho Food bank through the Feeding the 5000 Families organization.

Norma resides in beautiful Robin, Idaho with her husband Kraig.  She devotes most of her time to song writing, recording, and teaching private music lessons for all ages in voice, piano, guitar, and ukulele, as well as music classes for children. Norma is currently recording an album of educational songs for children called Music 4 Learning, Volume 2.

Norma’s accomplishments and performance contributions are vast and unique. Norma has recorded and released 12 albums of original music.  Norma has written and performed many programs over the years for many different organizations and venues. Norma has written hundreds of songs and arranged them with piano Accompaniments, in addition to writing Radio jingles to promote non-profit organizations.  Norma has performed live on television and radio several times, and she has taught music classes private and public, covering composition, notation, voice and piano.

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