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Recording Artist, Rick Thomas is a major talent in the music industry; he has shared the stage, engineered, produced and worked with many top artists in the music industry. Artist like: The Temptations, The Tams, The Embers, Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs, Jefferson Airplane, 38 Special, Blackfoot, and many others.

Rick began playing the drums at age 2, as crazy as that sounds, he then moved on to guitar and piano by the age of 13. Rick continued his development by playing in his Jr. High Concert and Marching Band, from 7th, through the 9th grade. Rick’s talent was so good, at age 13, he was picked up by a band as their drummer, and every other band member was over 20. All this before, he began to play the guitar in his High School Jazz band in the 10th grade.

After a few years of band development and low profile gigs, Rick began to get paid professional gigs at the age of 15, as a drummer, guitarist and singer, obvious signs that Rick was a prodigy.

Rick remembers when he wrote his first song, he was 7 years old, and he fell in love with writing and singing, and has not stopped since. As a teen Rick would use 2 separate cassette decks to record musical tracks and bounce tracks back and forth between the decks while overdubbing new tracks to create whole songs. Rick says “I got my first 4 track studio cassette recorder at age 17 and my first 8 track studio cassette recorder at age 20”.

The performing years went by and by 28; Rick began to use ADATS and DAW software. From nearly the age of 15, Rick realized he liked everything about the music industry; he watched closely the aspects of live recording and studio engineering and began to develop and get as much education on the subject as he could.

Since 2010 Rick has devoted more of his creation ability, time and skills, into positive and Christian music. Rick says “I want and feel called to use the gift that God gave me to bring hope to people of all ages and walks of life, and to bring people to a relationship with Jesus all over the world. My children, my family, the lost, the hopeless, and most importantly God is the motivation that drives me to want to take my music and ministry all over the world and as far in the music industry as it can go. The higher I climb in the industry, the more I am in a position to distribute the hope and love through music to the entire world.”


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