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“I Am Thine”, is a Soulful, passionate, and illustrative writer, I Am Thine is a Gospel writer and composer who is breaking ground on the music landscape.  He is in the bursting out stage of his career, though he has been writing his whole life.

Miami-native, I Am Thine, outdoes himself with powerful lyricism and instrumentation that has listeners hooked. With a modern beat, an uplifting progression, and chilling harmonies, his music impacts the listener from the press of play.

Driven by Christian values, I Am Thine delivers a song that will bring a smile to your face, uplift, and comfort you. “When We All Get Together” is part of Big Fuss Records pandemic compilation “Corona Diaries.”

The emerging artist and composer is currently working on his debut album “Sounds of Love” featuring “Brother’s Keeper” and “God Gave Me You”.  Encapsulating the essence of today’s issues on race, unity, love and relationship; it’s music that feels like the soundtrack of a movement.

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