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About Rolette

Poised to leave an impact in the scene, up-and-comer Rolette is the next artist to watch. Rolette is an audio engineer, producer, and artist originating from Kansas City, Missouri. From a young age, music formed Rolette’s life and has developed her style to what it is today. Beginning in high school Rolette was one of few women in the school to love, perform and be involved in Metal Core music.

During her high school years, she established and started the band “I Will Be Crowned”, she was the vocalist and guitarist.  Like many musicians, life got in the way, and Rolette take a 180 degree turn into the medical field.  Through the medical field, she became an advocate for mental health, which led her back to music. In 2019, Rolette released her first produced track for artist Foe Pound.  Inspired by her daughter and late-mother, the Missouri-native seeks to leave a legacy in the music industry. A multi-talented artist, Rolette, is set to take the scene by storm.


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