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My name is Sione Vasi, I have no noteworthy accomplishments in this music industry for now.  But I am bound to have many accomplishments with that I have no doubt in my mind.  I am born and raised from Nampa Idaho with Tongan blood in my veins (Pacific Islander) so I am what you would call a Tongan American.

I’ve been singing ever since I was young, back in middle school is when I started writing music.  Every song that I finished I would hang them on my wall.  Every person that I’ve met till now (music wise) has helped me find my own style to bring a different wave for the music industry nowadays!!!

I am a true singer with vocals that can rival the best right now, I have no doubt in my skills as a singer/songwriter. Even right now I see myself standing among the best artist in the music industry.  My writing style is unique and real with well written story lines, I try to make sense of every project I work on.  With the right people behind me I really don’t see myself losing, I can’t.

With every project I work on the second verse must always beat the first and the third verse must always beat the second.  If these terms are not met there’s no way I can finish the project. I always do though and when I do…. every time, It gives Goosebumps!!!  Its proof to me that I’m getting better even though I think I’m the best already ha-ha I really do grind/write music every day.  I grind for my family so that they can live comfortably with no worries.

My music has its own style, I can’t compare it to nobody! I have nothing but love for those who support my grind and believe in me and what I can bring to the table.  Stay with me, my goal is to light up the music game.


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