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Steve Bost is a new southern rock country artist making inroads in the music scene in the Carolina region.  To understand him as a performer you have to know him as a person, Steve was born and raised in the small town of granite quarry, a small town about 20 miles north of Charlotte North Carolina.

Born in the early seventies he grew up in the midst of the heyday of southern rock and outlaw country, and the music of his youth was just that.  Steve Bost also received a healthy dose of bluegrass and gospel, but by the time he graduated high school his parents knew they had a free spirited young man on their hands and he needed discipline and direction.

Following their suggestions, Steve joined the United States Marine corps, he enlisted in 1991 and was stationed at camp lejon in Jacksonville, North Carolina.  While in the Marine corps Steve was able to channel his energy into a positive direction, his commanders noticed his physical abilities and discipline, and recommended him for training in the Force recon, one of the corpse most prestigious assignments.

It was during helicopter repelling training that Steve broke his leg, while Steve would make a full recovery with no disability this excluded him from being a force recon Marine, at that time the entire United States military was experiencing a period of reduction, and the corpse gave Steve an option, to either continue in the course with a different MOS or he could leave with an honorable discharge, Steve left the Marine corps in 1993 with an honorable discharge.

Steve is an active veteran and has been given recognition for the money he has raised for the disabled veterans.  Upon leaving the Marine corps Steve took a job at a local motorcycle dealership from 1993 to 1998, as a parts manager, but still he looked for other opportunities.  In 1999 Steve opened his own business, Boss lawn care which he still owns today.

It’s that same driving determination that Steve brings to his music career, Steve’s music career started in late 2014 always signing with friends and their parties he purchased a guitar, and soon he was playing and singing at any open mic nights he could find.  He worked hard to hone his craft and expand his repertoire, after a few years of the local open knife circuit and sitting in with other friends bands, Steve realized he needed to change his focus to move forward in his career.

The early part of 2017 he started working toward establishing his own band so he could put on the high energy show he envisioned with a full band a light show and sound system.  So who is Steve boss the entertainer? he is a high energy performer who connects with people through the songs he sings he is an honest hard-working man that loves his music and loves performing whenever he can.  The show comes first and he always delivers.

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