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A Key Component To Increasing Your Musicianship and Artistry…..

A crucial element to increasing your musicianship and artistry is to be aware of your surroundings. Unless you do everything yourself, you have other people around you.  It is important to understand that those people are gifted and have abilities and methods of operation that have proven to be successful for them and can be useful to you because you do not have it all, differences around you helps you to understand that there is more than your path to obtain success.  Observation is another key to growing from others.  I have seen people overtalk their way out of benefitting......

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Our Brand, Our Story

Our Story Touch Music Group is a testimony of faith.  Touch Music Group the Corporation is the brain child of William Wilson, which started in 2005, as a House Music and Gospel House label established by William and Al “Hot Mix” Holmes, under the name Pathway Records.  The label hosted 16 artist over the next 5 years, providing music production and performing opportunities for its artist at local events in the Chicago-Land area.   The success of the label was it’s local influence and neighborhood fellowship building effect in the community. The years of 2011 and 2012 were recorded as financial......

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Touch Music Group (TM) (C)