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LIFE Records

LIFE (Love, Instruction, Faith, Education) –  is the imprint label under Touch Music Group, that represents the human condition and experience thru music.  It answers the questions; “what music do you need to hear to become motivated to do something great for yourself and others? What music will inspire you to overcome your fears and self doubt? and What type of music will increase your faith in God and who you are and can become today.

The Music is about Love, Life, Money, Faith, Career, Time, Family, Instruction, War, Peace, Education and Joy, and what we call the human condition.  Almost all the music is published, produced and composed by Touch Music Group.  Under this brand you can also find music styles associated with Contemporary Christian, Rhythm and Praise, Worship and Praise, and Instrumental Worship.  The labels sound was established by UCAS Touch, a duo production team including Scott Oliver, new co owner as of 2013, as well as the founder William Wilson.

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Life Records Playlist

“Just Listen”

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