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September 2020, UCAS Touch Video “LIFE”

Touch Music Group is proud of our latest end of the summer of 2020 video release, titled "LIFE".  The video covers the human condition from the creative minds of the artist that composed, wrote produced and sang the song of the same name.  Life itself can be a marry go round of adventure, milestones, mistakes and achievements, and we all have to ride the ride sometimes. The UCAS Touch experience is a unique one, the TMG main band UCAS, are also the owners of the label, so in addition of having to bare the weight of Covid, they also had......

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The 411 on TMG Top 40 Artist – Hybrid (The All American Rapper)

Only once in a while do the really great ones come along, and you have to know how blessed you are to have the chance to work with them.  The search in the music industry is always for the next big artist, we at TMG believe we are on the verge of exposing a talent on that level.  Chris Hybrid The Rapper Ballinger, yes, I agree, it's a mouth full, but his name stands true to his style of rap, singing and songwriting ability. Hybrid, has founded and worked with the group "Juxtapoze", he's worked with the group "Embercast", he......

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January Releases from TMG UK Artist / Producer Dick Groves

Touch Music Group Producer / Writer / Musician and Engineer Mr. Dick Groves is no joke, the sheer talent that he possesses is beyond that of most common men.  Blessed is what we call him at TMG Studios, the first of the year is a big deal for us here at the label, and sets the tone of the music for rest of the year.  Dick Groves aims to please when it comes to music, he has been a main feature on many of our releases and now has positioned himself amongst the best in our Corporation. The year for......

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