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Celebrating 14 years of Prayze Cafe – Giving our Thanks

Ed Crosby has been a mainstay, good friend and starting radio station supporter for Touch Music Group since 2005.  No working around it, we owe our thanks to Ed Crosby for all he has done for the music community starting way back in the late 80's.  From his DJ'ing skills that made many of us dance to the joy of the Chicago House music sound to the many hearts of people all over that he now touches with even better music thru his radio station "the Prayze Cafe". The Prayze Cafe is Ed's personal radio show, that provides local Christian......

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Beefing up the Brand by Cutting Down the Links

We have found that less is often more when it comes to music, so we are focusing on our marketing being less spread out, which will allow our fanbase and following to find our product easier.  Along with re-branding for better distribution purpose, we find that promotion thru less social venues will have a stronger impact to the general public also. Along with some incredible lineups in current negotiations, the future looks very bright for TMG.  We know everyone has suffered this year, from time being stolen to lives being stolen, we endeavor to bring encouragement to your hearts and......

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Touch Music in Final Stages of New Imprints

With the success of TMG Life having such a strong impact on our brand and following, we new it was time to push the new branding that has been on the table since the start of 2020.  TMG took down much of the releases that were out, to bulk up the brands sound and increase consumer awarness and all around improve the sound. The production team has taken a new look at it's quality composition, the position of the company and it's look.  We have reached a production plateau that is unrivaled by any other year we have been in......

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Introducing Touch Music Group – LIFE

TMG Life is a new Imprint within Touch Music Group.  This Imprint will be the Home to music that covers the human condition. Music that represents love and its varied stories of happiness and sadness, Music about life's instruction, development and teaching, Music about having Faith in God, In Self and others, and Music about the importance of acceptance and education in life. The music will cover the views and testimony of our artist and collaborators on life.  Styles range from; every genre known to man, to genre's not yet created.....  Touch Music Group Life, is a label created solely......

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