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A Key Component To Increasing Your Musicianship and Artistry…..

A crucial element to increasing your musicianship and artistry is to be aware of your surroundings. Unless you do everything yourself, you have other people around you.  It is important to understand that those people are gifted and have abilities and methods of operation that have proven to be successful for them and can be useful to you because you do not have it all, differences around you helps you to understand that there is more than your path to obtain success.  Observation is another key to growing from others.  I have seen people overtalk their way out of benefitting......

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Touch Music Group Announces New Upgrades to Music Section of Website:

In an effort to create a more consumer friendly music experience, Touch Music Group is currently retooling the music section of their website.  It will focus on creating ease for the consumer to get to a relevant playlist for every represented genre from artistic creations to urban breakdown, and consumers will be able to quickly access music of Touch Music Group from their favorite streaming site.  Stay tuned for further upgrades and improvements from Author Scott Oliver - TMG EMO - Executive Music Officer Congratulations ED Getdown Crosby, for all the hard work over the years, and all your......

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Celebrating 14 years of Prayze Cafe – Giving our Thanks

Ed Crosby has been a mainstay, good friend and starting radio station supporter for Touch Music Group since 2005.  No working around it, we owe our thanks to Ed Crosby for all he has done for the music community starting way back in the late 80's.  From his DJ'ing skills that made many of us dance to the joy of the Chicago House music sound to the many hearts of people all over that he now touches with even better music thru his radio station "the Prayze Cafe". The Prayze Cafe is Ed's personal radio show, that provides local Christian......

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Beefing up the Brand by Cutting Down the Links

We have found that less is often more when it comes to music, so we are focusing on our marketing being less spread out, which will allow our fanbase and following to find our product easier.  Along with re-branding for better distribution purpose, we find that promotion thru less social venues will have a stronger impact to the general public also. Along with some incredible lineups in current negotiations, the future looks very bright for TMG.  We know everyone has suffered this year, from time being stolen to lives being stolen, we endeavor to bring encouragement to your hearts and......

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