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New Signing

Effective Immediately: Lauren Autrey Joins the Touch Music Group Roster

Country in all it's forms has grown to become a mainstay in American music, we are proud of our newest signing, with Lauren.  She is a Pop/Country singer and writer, her talent is unmatched, she has incredible vocal control, and the looks to compare with some of the very best classy women that has strutted thru the Country scene. We are looking to do some very cool sounds with her and bring her talent and skill to view of the listening public.  She loves music that has a purpose and theme, some artist that inspire her are Lennon Stella (Kissing......

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Effective Immediately: Deanne Matley Joins the Touch Music Group Roster

She is a chart topper, she has the looks of a Goddess, she has the skill of a million dollar hand made watch maker when it comes to how she arranges her songs, if you don't yet know this women, let us introduce her to you, the incredible "Deanne Matley".  We love this lady, maybe a bit to much, because were introducing her own personal release that was in the making as we signed her, so we thought it would make since to let her complete what she was doing.  Considering that her release has no bearing on our earnings......

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Effective Immediately: Arye Harmony Joins the Touch Music Group Roster

Woo Wee, were going to keep it real today, we are so proud of this newly signed artist, out of New York, the beautiful "Arye Harmony".  Harmony has amassed a wealth of talent and skill, and she's worked at some content creation for some of her previous releases.  She's a strong writer that understands hooks and rolling vocally within the bed of her tracks, and has deep mindful meaning in her songs.  She's worked at building some marketability, and has an article on "Curious Cat Blog" and a few other places, these have garnered a positive growth in fanbase for......

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Effective Immediately: Kori Cira Re-Joins the Touch Music Group Roster

Kori could be titled as an old school music producer, but he is our friend, and we know him for thinking like us, we like it all, new and old.  We are happy to have Kori back with us, and newly resigned to TMG.  Kori has tones of talent and skill, from playing guitar in a band for multiple years, a recording vocalist, a song writer, a sought after musician and now adding to his repertoire, he also will become a producer that composes music for licensing. Kori is a faith led man, and believes that everything he does serves......

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