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New Signing

Effective Immediately: Sion Vosi Joins the Touch Music Group Roster

Sion Vosi is a rare talent, he sounds like the rappers of today, with their melodic vocals and reality rap, that seems to always have a sway, with most of the songs having some feelings of soul and R&B, with deep tones and rhythm that rocks you through the whole song.  C1 as he likes to be call as his stage name, is one of the newest signed artist on the TMG roster. Sion lives in Idaho, one of the most unlikely places you would expect to find a talent like him.  Yet, he is Idahoan through and through, so......

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Effective Immediately: Denese Chen Joins the Touch Music Group Roster

Writers that easily and clearly write lyrics with deep meaning don't come around much, nor to often, but this lady has it all, every bit of feeling in the words she uses to convey her meaning throughout every thing she's trying to convey.  TMG has never been more proud of the dynamic song writer "Denese Chen". This lady runs circles around most writers, she has an uncanny knack for delivery, style, cadence, lyric content and top end.  All of the things that really and truly great artist understand about song writing.  "There is so much more to writing than many......

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Effective Immediately: “I Am Thine” Joins the Touch Music Group Roster

TMG is thrilled to have "I Am Thine" (Ronald Smith), join our writers roster.  Ronald writes from a Christian perspective, but also writes songs with meaning and character.  The collaborations available for Ronald, cover several genre's that TMG supports.  We look forward to some great writing from Robert, over the next few years.I Am Thine Writers Page...

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Effective Immediately: Dick Groves Signs to a new Licensing Deal

TMG is pleased to work with Dick Groves again, this time the focus is on a new licensing deal for Mr. Groves, who has hundreds of songs that need licensing opportunities.  The one time business partner of TMG and long time friend of Will Wilson the CEO of TMG, has come back looking for success options for his music. This is a great opportunity for TMG, and a super smart move for Mr. Groves.  Dick once said, “I would like to think that my main talents are determination, imagination, creativity and constantly trying to improve my craft”.  TMG plans to help......

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