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Effective Immediately: Steve Bost Joins the Touch Music Group Roster

We are happy to announce that Steve Bost, has joined the roster of Touch Music Group.  Steve is a Singer / Songwriter,  and performer, and now a Recording Artist, his genre of choice is Country Pop and Country Rock.  You can see his profile here, and see a bit more of his background and ability. UCAS Touch will be doing some of the production, along with Touch Music Group Artist / Producer / Engineer Rick Thomas.  Touch is taking the lead in the project, as it is the first recording project for Steve, and completely new ground for him.  Steve......

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January Releases from TMG UK Artist / Producer Dick Groves

Touch Music Group Producer / Writer / Musician and Engineer Mr. Dick Groves is no joke, the sheer talent that he possesses is beyond that of most common men.  Blessed is what we call him at TMG Studios, the first of the year is a big deal for us here at the label, and sets the tone of the music for rest of the year.  Dick Groves aims to please when it comes to music, he has been a main feature on many of our releases and now has positioned himself amongst the best in our Corporation. The year for......

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First of the year UCAS Touch Releases for January 2020

UCAS Touch (Will Deephouse Wilson & Scott Oliver), have come out the proverbial new year gate, extremely strong in their music content.  The strongest of the bunch for this January has been the official release of "Another Day In Him EP", loved by a few Gospel House Radio stations already, this EP is packed with the original and a few remixes of a hot dance rhythm track, with floor banging synths and a undeniable groove. Their next best set is the 5 track "R.O.W.S. Vol. 1" EP, featuring our UK producer Dick Groves, the revamped R.O.W.S. imprint, was originally set......

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