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September 2020, UCAS Touch Video “LIFE”

Touch Music Group is proud of our latest end of the summer of 2020 video release, titled "LIFE".  The video covers the human condition from the creative minds of the artist that composed, wrote produced and sang the song of the same name.  Life itself can be a marry go round of adventure, milestones, mistakes and achievements, and we all have to ride the ride sometimes. The UCAS Touch experience is a unique one, the TMG main band UCAS, are also the owners of the label, so in addition of having to bare the weight of Covid, they also had......

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L.I.F.E. (Producers Corner)

UCAS Touch (Will Deephouse Wilson & Scott Oliver), are feeling good about the latest August, 2020 release.  The single LIFE, has a great message and chill style mix, the song entails it's purpose of positive statements on life, thru it's lyrical vibes.  Written, composed, produced and sung by UCAS Touch, this song was to lead all songs on the new brand L.I.F.E. The song is a song of joy and encouragement, on an outlook that we should all have on life, moving forward and staying focused on your goals, and learning to ignore the nasayers.  The making of the song......

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The 411 on TMG Top 40 Artist – Hybrid (The All American Rapper)

Only once in a while do the really great ones come along, and you have to know how blessed you are to have the chance to work with them.  The search in the music industry is always for the next big artist, we at TMG believe we are on the verge of exposing a talent on that level.  Chris Hybrid The Rapper Ballinger, yes, I agree, it's a mouth full, but his name stands true to his style of rap, singing and songwriting ability. Hybrid, has founded and worked with the group "Juxtapoze", he's worked with the group "Embercast", he......

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Effective Immediately: Dick Groves Signs to a new Licensing Deal

TMG is pleased to work with Dick Groves again, this time the focus is on a new licensing deal for Mr. Groves, who has hundreds of songs that need licensing opportunities.  The one time business partner of TMG and long time friend of Will Wilson the CEO of TMG, has come back looking for success options for his music. This is a great opportunity for TMG, and a super smart move for Mr. Groves.  Dick once said, “I would like to think that my main talents are determination, imagination, creativity and constantly trying to improve my craft”.  TMG plans to help......

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