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Antonio Resende

“Despite all of the many styles and genres of music, I see the music mainly in two ways: the ones that touch me and the ones that don’t.” says Antonio Resende, the singing, writing, musician, who has just joined the PLG Music UK division, for a publishing deal.  The first record he remembers listening to was a Beatles song, when he was about 6 years old.  This is when he fell in love with music, over the years he has opened his mind and ears to many forms of music, styles like Country, Rock, Pop, Brazilian Music, World Music and Jazz.......

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Caleb Cross

My heart for worship started at a young age when I was attending a small Baptist church at 7 years old. I was invited to stand up front and lead the hymn. As I waved my finger something in me knew I wanted to be a worship leader even though I had never heard the term before. In fact, very few people had. A short time later took my first guitar lesson. After the first lesson I wrote my first worship song. A few years later I met a Korean youth pastor who handed a notebook with chords to the......

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Dick Groves

Dick is a songwriter from the UK, in London.  Dick performed and played in bands for more than 10 years, back in the day.  In 2002 Dick began producing for artists.  Dick’s plan was on creating new songs and lyrics.  Dick sports a vast arsenal of many genres of music and lyrical production styles, ranging from jazz ballads to pop/rock, as well as Chill and Cafe sounds to Radio-friendly tracks.  Dick works with artists from all over the UK, and loves the challenge of creating for the many different styles of each artist he works with. Over the past three years he......

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