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Producers Corner

“Producers Corner” – Covering Colours (by Cait Pilkington)

August seems to be the month for remastering and re-releasing, and were not mad about it, we love the music and vocals of one of our favorite artist Cait Pilkington, we several song out and remixes of a few, she is on an upswing musically.  We thought it a strong lead to make sure our fans go the chance to hear her very first release, "Colours".Colours by Caitlin PilkingtonRelease Information Artist: Cait Pilkington feat. Dick Groves Producers: Cait Pilkington & Dick Groves Title: Colours Label: Touch Music Group Release Date: August, 2020 File Under: Pop Catalog Number: TMG-8222020 UPC Number:......

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“Producers Corner” – Covering Fantasy (by Chloe Clementine)

We are happy to have finally re-released the newly mastered "Fantasy" EP by Chloe Clementine, her vocals as always mix in the track for a incredible sound along with her special style of music production.  As the track reflects on her guitar and piano ability, the pop EP defines the skill and creative juices this lady possesses.Save Me (Edge Mix) by UCAS Touch Release Information Artist: Chloe Clementine feat. Dick Groves Producers: Chloe Clementine & Dick Groves Title: Fantasy Label: Touch Music Group Release Date: August, 2020 File Under: Pop Catalog Number: TMG-8212020 UPC Number: 195543334917 © 2020 Copyright by......

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“Producers Corner” – Covering Save Me by UCAS Touch (feat. Caitlin Pilkington)

Our new branding for our electronic digital music, begins with a remix from the original track from Dick Groves and Caitlin Pilkington, the original is a pop style toon, but now has a true EDM sound.  The track has the expected strong syncopation of EDM as well as the dance floor drums and bass that are the signature sound of digital music.  We think it’s a great start to a brand we have lots of respect for. Join the groove and the positive sound of dance music with Touch Music Group and it's key producers UCAS Touch, as they take......

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“Producers Corner” – Covering Love and Grace Abound – by UCAS Touch

We have just moved from distributing our jazz production under the ROSE brand to simply promoting under the Touch Music Group Jazz brand, and we could not be more proud of our sound.  This first single under TMG Jazz, has the feel and sound we have been looking for, the composition was completed by UCAS Touch and they desire nothing more than a hungry ear to listen to it.  Embarking on nothing but great music and great music ideas is what they are after. The combination of UCAS and Resende (on Guitar) is some of the best sounding music from......

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