1. Jack Is Going To Heaven - by The Touch UCAS Touch 4:37
  2. Slave To The Music - Geri Beri & UCAS Touch 2-17-17 Geri Beri 3:29
  3. 1. No More Love (Pop Mix) - UCAS Touch Ft. Sid Spooner UCAS Touch, Dick Groves, Sid Spooner 1:33
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Production Teams

UCAS Touch

UCAS Touch has worked hard at it's brand of music, and has been responsible for the production and composition of 80% of Touch Music Group's distributed catalog.  The team of Touch Music Group has been proud to have some great producers accompany it's ranks along the way, since 2012.  We are proud to mention working with Dick Groves, Rick Thomas, Caleb Shepard, and Antonio Resende.

Rick Thomas

Rick Thomas is a major talent in the music industry; he has shared the stage, engineered, produced and worked with many top artists in the music industry. Artist like: The Temptations, The Tams, The Embers, Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs, Jefferson Airplane, 38 Special, Blackfoot, and many others.

Dick Groves

Dick is a songwriter from the UK, in London.  Dick performed and played in bands for more than 10 years, back in the day.  In 2002 Dick felt he wanted to devote his time to music production, and the creation of music and assist in the development of artists.   Dick’s plan was to focus on creating new songs and lyrics, not cover songs, and making sure he pushed his production ideas into 'finished' pieces.  Though as Quincy reportedly said 'it's not that they are ever finished, they are just abandoned!'

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