Off the original release success of Beautiful, we would like to introduce you to Beautiful (the UCAS Remix), featuring Princess.  The first of the year release that is meant for everyone we know, all that support our banner and brand.  This impressive urban grove has the moxy and strength of a hit track found today.  This track is free for a limited amount of time, so get your copy today from the link below.

Beautiful (the UCAS Remixs) – by UCAS Touch ft. Naomi and Princess

Download this track free from the link below.

  1. Beautiful (UCAS Remix)3:25

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Beautiful (UCAS Remix)

Release Date : January 8, 2021
Artists : Touch Records, UCAS Touch
Catalog ref. : TMG-182021
Format : Digital Download

Beautiful (the UCAS Remix) is a UCAS Touch Release, Composed, produced by UCAS Touch. Featuring vocals by Naomi, and rap by Princess,