Check out the brand new release from Chloe Clementine and Producer Dick Groves “Fantasy”.  This EP of 6 songs was written and first performed by Chloe Clementine, a powerful voice and up and coming artist.  This is Chloe’s first release and her first publicly released songs.

Dick Groves rounded out the project by adding to the piano melodies and guitar chords laid by Chloe as the music bed.  The EP takes you from an Acoustic love affair to a reunion of coming home.  A strong EP with great musical layers that sooth the ear.

Make sure to take a listen to the great creativity of Chloe Clementine and Dick Groves.


release July 15th, 2017
Written – Chloe Clementine
Singer – Chloe Clementine
Production – Dick Groves / Chloe Clementine

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Release Date : August 21, 2020
Artists : Artistic Creation, Chloe Clementine, Dick Groves
Catalog ref. : TMG-4082120
Format : Digital Download