This first EP is a revamp of the music that we love the most here at Touch Music Group, the R.O.W.S. brand is our best jazz compilations, with music that truly has an incredible impact.  The acronym stands for Richness, Order, Worth and Substance.

The sound of the Rows series is by far some of the highest quality we produce, the genre is fresh and ripe with styles, from vocals and non vocals, as well as chill and dance jazz, you can get your hearts desire of jazz from this series.

Dreaming Of A Brand New Day – Naomi Thompson & Dick Groves
Front Page News by UCAS Touch – UCAS Touch ft Resende
Once In A Blue Moon (ROWS Original) – UCAS Touch ft Resende
Resende’s Honor (Live Jazz Original) – UCAS Touch ft Antonio Resende
Winter Chill – Dick Groves

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R.O.W.S., Vol. 1

Release Date : January 29, 2020
Artists : Antonio Resende, Dick Groves, TMG Jazz, UCAS Touch
Catalog ref. : TMGROWSV1-011282020
Format : Digital Download