The latest collaboration from both Dick Groves as the producer and music composer and Bob Lucido as the writer and singer, is one of the best they have done to date.  Both have released two EP collaborations over the last 3 years, but there is no comparison.  We are looking to brand Bob as one of those unknown incredible songwriters, like Dillian and Harry, he even has a song dedicated to to Harry.

This release is a 9 song full CD that has songs that have strength and meaning and deliver a message you must hear.  The song styles are from Folk to Adult Contemporary to Rock / Pop and Blues and Ballads.  A sound like no other.

Release Date : September, 2019
Artist : Bob Lucido
Producer: Dick Groves
Format : CD
PDF One Sheet : The Storyteller – One Sheet 2019

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The StoryTeller (Bob Lucido) by Dick Groves and Bob Lucido

Release Date : September 21, 2019
Artists : Artistic Creation, Bob Lucido, Dick Groves
Catalog ref. : TMGS-09252019
Format : Digital Download