Volume 2 of the Storyteller series is more proof of the quality collaborations that Dick Groves and singer / songwriter Bob Lucido can come up with.  The writing of Bob is as always from the storyteller perspective and he does not fail in his ability to take you on a journey.  The CD consists of 11 strong songs that feel as great as they sound.

Graduation Day (original mix)
Graduation Day (rock mix)
Memories (retro mix)
Old Friends (jazz mix)
Pretty Blue Eyes (original)
Same Day (Grooves remix)
Same Day (original)
We’re All In This Together

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The Storyteller Series, Vol. 2

Release Date : January 29, 2020
Artists : Artistic Creation, Bob Lucido, Dick Groves
Catalog ref. : TMGSTS2-01282020
Format : CD