Our new brand that promotes and offers more of the music sound of our UK studio, that is run by CEO and Composer Dick Groves, is a brand we hold in deep regard.  The Dick Groves sound is classic and unique, while still having the fully developed sound of today.  Dick Groves is able to go from Adult Contemporary Pop to EDM and even house when he desires, we consider this first release by him to be outstanding and a sign of who he as and what he can do.  Their are multiple artist on this release, and Dick shows that he can compose in a unique way.

Release Date : September, 2019
Artist : Dick Groves

Format : EP

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TMG Dick Groves Productions Volume 1

Release Date : September 21, 2019
Artists : Artistic Creation, Bob Lucido, Chloe Clementine, Dick Groves
Catalog ref. : TMGDGP1-09252019
Format : Digital Download