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The 411 on TMG Top 40 Artist – Hybrid (The All American Rapper)

Only once in a while do the really great ones come along, and you have to know how blessed you are to have the chance to work with them.  The search in the music industry is always for the next big artist, we at TMG believe we are on the verge of exposing a talent on that level.  Chris Hybrid The Rapper Ballinger, yes, I agree, it's a mouth full, but his name stands true to his style of rap, singing and songwriting ability. Hybrid, has founded and worked with the group "Juxtapoze", he's worked with the group "Embercast", he......

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The 411 on TMG Writer – Jodi Holley (Interview & Updates)

We are happy to announce the signing of Jodi Holley, a good solid writer from Texas, for more on her personal story follow this link, Jodi.  This interview will give you the 411 on everything Jodi and Touch Music Group.  Jodi has nearly 80 songs she is bringing to the label and we look forward to helping her get the best offers and options for her songs....

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The 411 on TMG Christian Artist – Tarrance Phillips (Interview & Updates)

Tarrance has been the fasting growing artist on the roster for the year 2018, we had a blast when he came out to Chicago for some recording and a small church/public performance.  Tarrance is with our Touch Music Group Christian Brand and has been associated with performing in the Christian arena for more than a decade. Since the time we have come together the game plan was to create lots of music, both positive and Christian based.  We are moving full on in this venture and Tarrance writing is leading the way.  We have only completed and released his first......

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The 411 on TMG Top 40 Artist – Rick Thomas (Interview & Updates)

Rick Thomas is a musical prodigy, he is a multi talented individual and we think a musical genius.   Rick has performed on stages with some of the who's who in the industry, and now embarking on a mission to do his music styles with a new personal band, and to do his own solo work with Touch Music Group, this is more than likely one of the greatest and most difficult times in his life. Everything he is doing is good, but the work ethic and time it takes is more now than it ever has been before.  Staying in......

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