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New Signing

Effective Immediately: Dick Groves Signs to a new Licensing Deal

TMG is pleased to work with Dick Groves again, this time the focus is on a new licensing deal for Mr. Groves, who has hundreds of songs that need licensing opportunities.  The one time business partner of TMG and long time friend of Will Wilson the CEO of TMG, has come back looking for success options for his music. This is a great opportunity for TMG, and a super smart move for Mr. Groves.  Dick once said, “I would like to think that my main talents are determination, imagination, creativity and constantly trying to improve my craft”.  TMG plans to help......

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Effective Immediately: Alexander Caldwell Re-Joins the Touch Music Group Roster

TMG is happy to have the brand new Alexander Caldwell return to our roster.  Mr. Caldwell seems refreshed and ready to go, in just a month or so he has complete nearly 6 songs, and is showing no signs of slowing down.  With a change of his name and a new born at his side, he sounds and looks better than ever. The collaborations that are in the works between Alexander and UCAS Touch, will be released on the Urban Breakdown imprint and is some of the best material between them to date.   Plans and action in the works are......

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Effective Immediately: Steve Bost Joins the Touch Music Group Roster

We are happy to announce that Steve Bost, has joined the roster of Touch Music Group.  Steve is a Singer / Songwriter,  and performer, and now a Recording Artist, his genre of choice is Country Pop and Country Rock.  You can see his profile here, and see a bit more of his background and ability. UCAS Touch will be doing some of the production, along with Touch Music Group Artist / Producer / Engineer Rick Thomas.  Touch is taking the lead in the project, as it is the first recording project for Steve, and completely new ground for him.  Steve......

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Effective Immediately: Lyrical Lashea Joins the Touch Music Group Roster

We are happy to announce that Lyricallashea (R'mya Demarrco), has joined the roster of Touch Music Group.  Lyric as we like to call her is most impressive, she is a rapper, singer, and writer, and now a recording artist.  You can see her profile here, and see a bit more of her background and ability.  As of 2019 she is still pushing thru college and is a strong advocate for women and fair treatment all over the world. UCAS Touch will be doing her production, as she will be writing and recording from the Touch Music Group studios in Idaho,......

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