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Rant From The CEO

Rant from the CEO – Upgrading the Brand

New branding seems like an oxymoron, but in actuality it's the smartest move a business can make when it's growing.  We have streamlined our distribution for both the fans and our artist, it makes more since to provide and clean and clear look, and the most efficient process for showing your product to the public. Talking with the fans, and finding out what you guys want and need, is what we are moving all of our social engagement toward finding out.  We are now pushing our sharing platforms and media toward connecting with you, and building stronger relationships with each......

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CEO Corporate Rant – UCAS Touch Poorly Misrepresented

It has come to our attention that the main production team of Touch Music Group and it's production value and accomplishments may have been poorly represented amid our peers, listeners and associates.  We have no desire to toot our own horn, but we wanted to clear the air about our personal production catalog and accomplishments, in regard to production we've done on the label for ourselves and others. We don't want our good to be evil spoken of, so, we wanted to make sure that we make it clear the catalog to our credit.  We endeavour only to support, love......

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CEO Corporate Rant – Change Brings More Change

Touch Music Group has made so many changes even I'm confused and in most cases, I'm the one behind the change, but change because of growth is good.  Touch Music Group is doing things on a grander scale, bringing in younger, fresher artist, artist with a desire to make their message to the public known.  It's often unspoken as to how often artist don't make a mark on public society, or their vocal skill and performing craft are never really known. That is not what we want said about our artist, we want them to get a fair chance and......

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A Rant From The Touch Music Group CEO – About Ed “Getdown” Crosby

Mr. Ed "Getdown" Crosby is a good friend of mine, and he holds a bit of a pedigree when it comes to Chicago House, he was one of the people to roll out House Music to Chicago, he is a pioneer of bringing house music to Chicago, he helped to announce house music to the world via the radio and playing around the world. He was one of the first to play with the gentlemen that started "The Hot Mix 5" (The Hot Mix 5 are an American DJ team originating from Chicago, Illinois, who were chosen by WBMX Program......

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