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September 2020, UCAS Touch Video “LIFE”

Touch Music Group is proud of our latest end of the summer of 2020 video release, titled "LIFE".  The video covers the human condition from the creative minds of the artist that composed, wrote produced and sang the song of the same name.  Life itself can be a marry go round of adventure, milestones, mistakes and achievements, and we all have to ride the ride sometimes. The UCAS Touch experience is a unique one, the TMG main band UCAS, are also the owners of the label, so in addition of having to bare the weight of Covid, they also had......

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The “Judgement” Video by Peace 2 the Puzzle

Even though this video was published in February 18, 2012, the impact still has a strong meaning.  This video is from the title track release of "Judgement" the single, written, and performed by Peace II the Puzzle.  The song shows the versatility of the duo and the range of their voices.  Their songs will stand the test of time, because the meaning has such depth. PIIP know how to speak to the general public and the church in such a way that what they are saying is respected and has an understandable message to both.  They understand that good message......

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Latest Video and Connection to Peace 2 the Puzzle

If you have not caught up to this explosive husband and wife team of artist, you are missing something special.  PIIP are creative genius.  They have a style and a flow that is all about truth and awareness, about becoming who you are meant to be and knowing the one who created us.  PIIP have released a few album over the years, their very first debut project was "Just The Beginning", a bilingual project with tunes like "Show Me The Way" and "Logic Reasons" and a beautiful spanish song titled "Sin Te Yo Nada Puedo Hacer Jesus". Then they pushed......

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