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Is TMG with a major label?

No. We are a totally independent record label, privately owned and operated with no outside financial support.  We do have several sources for our distribution and publishing.

What Kind of Label is TMG?

We are an independent record label with a primary focus on artist development. We are interested in finding acts that have serious market potential and helping them to take their act to the next level. Our only interest is work with artists and producers that are serious and maintain a work ethic for honing their craft.

Our expectations for acts that we invest in and provide touring options must have completed two to three full projects, with statistical numbers that reflect a certain level of success. The artist must be in constant creation mode, be it writing lyrics, producing songs or recording material.

We offer 50% market share holdings for each project completed by any of our signed acts, provided they complete the contract term and all the expectations listed in our contract. We will provide a publishing, engineering, music education, live recording services, Entertainment, DJ and Video services at no cost to the artist.

Our marketing and promotion will use the latest internet technology, traditional music stores, video and radio to promote and market our published materials. We will actively recruit younger artists for joint venture releases and are willing to entertain offering tour support, where and when needed.

Our goal is to have a strong fan base of more than 250,000 consumers engaged with us over social media’s and direct mail.  We desire to develop all and any key elements that will assist us in running a successful music label and company.

We desire to garner usable capital that will support the endeavors of the label under the major music markets of each music division; Celebrate Grace Recordings, Touch Records and PLG Music Group, of which we cover music styles of; Pop, EDM, Christian Contemporary, R&B, House, Jazz and Soul.

We need a supportive line of credit that allows us simple payroll and pay for administrative staff.  We desire to become a go to production service, with continued major production subcontracting.

Our goal is to help out as many artists, songwriters, and musicians as we can and to create an opportunity for our Artists to further their careers!

How do I submit my music or CD to TMG??
Who do I connect with concerning a purchase from your store??

Send all inquiries To

Q: I am a member of the press looking for a media contact. Who do I ask if have a question about a Touch Music Group artist, including requests for interviews, review materials, photos, videos, credentials and other assets?

To find out more about specific artist and their label connect, please visit the artists solo page, on the Touch Music Group site..

Who do I contact if I’m interested in licensing a song or video from a Touch Music artist for use in my film, television, commercial, web series, radio show, podcast , multi-media project, etc.?

If you would like to license master recording rights from a TMG artist, please visit our Licensing website, located on the Home page.

What is Touch Music Group's music all about?

TMG is a fundamental and positive record label and publisher, that invests time, production and composition, in artists to develop sustainable careers and world wide success for its artists.

What is the greatest benefit for an artist working with TMG?

We have a seasoned and awarded in house production team.  This team was formed to be a benefit for every artist signed, from assisting or collaborating with another producer or musician.  To lyric writing, composition, production and song arrangement for any artist, this teams desire is to grow the artist.

How do you build financial value in artist??

Our knowledgeable team builds a campaign for every artist after the projects are created, we use our industry connections, our known gatekeepers, licensing, event performing, radio, digital and physical distribution and touring as tools to promote and push our artist and musicians.

What does a typical TMG deal look like?

Our deal terms are commonly for 3 years for 36 songs at the very least, and we work on a 50/50 ownership basis for the artist and the label, after all the projects are completed each year.

Do you offer advances?

No, our investment in each artist comes from our commitment to completing the project they desire and assisting, or teaching them how to get to the next level.

What is your music catalog like?

Our Catalog represents over 100 artists, their music, our music, and collaborations we’ve created together.  We distribute all music we create for and with each artist or producer.  TMG manages the daily distribution, marketing, promotional services, brand development and license services for all the music.  Our music catalog consists of more than 1000 tracks that have been publicly released or simply licensed.

What is your production process like?

Our bread and butter is in our composition and production, the main corporate production team is the artist / production team called UCAS Touch, followed closely by Dick Groves, our UK producer, and Gregory Echols another great Chicago Producer, and finally the team of “R.O.W.S.”, a jazz production band that hosts over 20 years of production in the industry.  The teams provide shared ownership of their produced music with the artist’s that fully sign with the label, this is used as incentive to increase every artist or musicians marketability, region, scope and fan base.  Our production team has combined, more than 60 years of musicianship and production under it’s belt, and our focus is in always growing and developing as a production team.

What is your Distribution process?

Our digital distribution has partnership agreements with many leading resource services that allow us to maintain global distribution, to over 500 digital and streaming stores. We are constantly working at developing major distribution opportunities with major labels for even stronger support.

What is your marketing scope or plan?

TMG is constantly building on it’s marketing base and dimension to reach larger fans directly, while continually developing our consumer base via marketing variations. CG Recording is leading the way for TMG in developing more agreements and options thru music placements in film, TV, Cable, public advertising and licensing.

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