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Corporate Members & Brand

Will Face 2 - 2016

William Wilson

Founder, CEO, Owner

Producer, Composer, Recording Artist, Singer/Songwriter, Recording Engineer, Teacher, DJ/MC

Scott Oliver Face 2 - 2016

Scott Oliver

Founder, CMO, Owner

Producer, Composer, Recording Artist, Singer/Songwriter, Teacher, Musician

Maria's Face 2016

Maria Wilson


Accountant, Financial Officer

Dick Groves Face 2 - 2016

Dick Groves

TMG UK CEO, Studio Owner/Manager

Producer, Composer, Musician, Studio Engineer, Writer,

Caleb Face 2016

Caleb Cross

TMG West Coast CEO, Studio Owner/Manager, TMG Designer

Producer, Composer, Musician, Singer/Songwriter, Recording Artist

Joshua Face 2 - 2016


Ben Metoyer Face 2 - 2016

Ben Metoyer

Intern, Investor

About the Label & Brand

Touch Music Group is an independent record label, founded in 2005 by executive Will Wilson, and at that time Pathway Records, which was the creation of both Will and Albert Holmes.  TMG was created by Will Wilson and the new Co-Owner Scott Oliver, to be a “brand” dedicated to releasing quality music with positive messages that touch the hearts of people and help to change lives, by motivating people to good thinking, positive action and understanding that God does exist.

We also desire that TMG become a label that helps to develop, teach, and train artists and musicians, and to provide a music label that these people can pursue their music projects and associated artistic dreams thru.  The label contributes to the public on many music styles, while maintaining its clean and positive role, no matter what the musical genre.  TMG’s special mix of music is lead by the production team of UCAS Touch (Will Deephouse Wilson and Scott Oliver), who currently run the main hub of the company from Chicago.  The company has 4 studio locations that it provides for its signed artist, as a local place for those artist abroad to record.

TMG is known for its many series that support the many genre’s of the company, and has and is working at establishing itself as a staple of music production for Urban / Jazz / Pop / EDM / House / and Christian music.  Touch Music Group is comprised of TMG Urban & Jazz, TMG – Christian, House Candy Music / Tracks, TMG – Top 40 US / UK, TMG Christian East Coast, TMG Christian West Coast, as well as The Oaks Studios UK, run by Our UK CEO Mr. Dick Groves.  The brand also has a T-Shirt Division, as well as its independent distribution and licensing services.  Since its doors have opened in 2005, TMG’s brand has attracted a cast of people that they have worked with, local townships like Richton Park, and Country Club Hills showcases, the Chicago suburbs Children’s After School Program, many Community Churches, Chicago City Alderman, Radio Host and DJ Edward Crosby, world wide ministry touring company Xtreme Tours (Ted Brunn), Radio Jock and Performing artist Dana Divine, and a host of others.

Over the years, TMG has expanded its purpose and mission by supporting more artist, producer, musicians and writers throughout the world, thru their London and Idaho studio divisions.  We will touch hearts and minds with our music, and we will be a place of shelter and bed of creation for artist that believe in themselves and the gift of Artistry, in whatever form (Drawing, Musician, Singing, Writing, Design, Poetry, etc.), they have been given by God.

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