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TMG Publishing Creations

TMG Publishing Creations

TMG Music Licensing

Touch Music Group Licensing was founded by the composers who also founded Touch Music Group.  The motto of TMG is to “Serve People Through Music”, and the goal of the company is providing great messages and feelings thru great music.  Great music can serve man-kinds needs in so many capacities, and to achieve great music we make sure we work with the most talented composers and musicians we can.  Our music production is derived from real instruments as well as digital.

We provide proprietary music as well as requested production projects, in order to find that perfect track for any of the projects our clients need.  Our clients needs extend to TV, Radio, Film, Education, Video games, and Live Presentations, in a entertainment market the cover every Country and Continent.

TMG constantly stays familiar with the music market trends via Radio, Performance and XFM, which is displayed thru our consistently new catalogs and new music production.  We provide solutions to our clients from our custom music division and from our playlist featuring tracks that reflect current radio hits and styles.

We utilize our World-wide top talent roster, which consists of musicians, writers, composers, producers and artists, to provide an unending diversity of music styles and genre’s.  All of our music is newly composed and custom-crafted by our seasoned team.

Our Fast Growing Library

Whatever your catalog size and budget, we have a plan for you.  Our licensing store and catalog are simple and easy to use.  If you can’t find a standard plan to meet your needs, simply inquire about a custom plan.

Easy Pricing Or Custom Deals

Use our Library to find music for your advertising, audio production, tv, film and any other media projects.  Get instant pricing, request quotes or personally negotiate custom license deals.  Save money by licensing directly from the writes holders.

For Composers and Producers

If you are interested in submitting your music to us, for us to provide licensing for your music, see our music submitting sign up.

TMG provides professional world-class recorded music from each of it’s recording studios, located in Chicago, Idaho, and London.  All our series are handpicked for impact, from our Film and Movie series to our Singer Songwriter series, to the many different genre’s of music we cover, like R&B, Soul, Jazz, Big Band, Pop, EDM, House, and more.

  • Thousands of high quality tracks… In every style and genre. No Filler!
  • Underscore & alternate mixes provided for each track… Plus edits and cut-downs
  • An entire catalog dedicated to 100% stems
  • Strict quality control… Only the best music makes it into our library
  • Client-driven production… We listen to you!
  • Award winning artists, composers and arrangers…
  • Full time tech support
  • Fast turnaround time on music searches
  • Online licensing available
  • If we don’t have it, our composition division will create it for you!
  • Need a custom mix or edit? No problem!
  • Custom scoring for any project, courtesy of our Custom division
  • Payment options, including barter deals

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