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UCAS Touch has worked hard at it's brand of music, and has been responsible for the production and composition of 80% of Touch Music Group's distributed catalog.  The team of Touch Music Group has been proud to have some great producers accompany it's ranks along the way, since 2012.  We are proud to mention working with Dick Groves, Rick Thomas, Caleb Shepard, and Antonio Resende.     Read More
Norma's song lyrics range from whimsical to inspirational, and her music ranges from sacred hymns to pop pieces for rock bands.  Music has been extremely important in helping Norma heal from painful emotional wounds in her life.  Through writing songs, she has been able to learn lessons and gain a new perspective from these experiences, and even be grateful for them!     Read More
Jodi Lynn Holley was born in Mesquite, TX, and she is a distant cousin of Buddy Holly.  She is a mother with one son, Jodi also is a vocal translator, which allows her to also write songs in other languages.  Jodi is able to play a bit of guitar and violin, she has taken guitar lessons for 10 years, she has sang in various church and school choirs since she was 10.     Read More
I have found myself in a place where everything has either been ripped or taken away. This has caused me to return to the place of worship that I remembered as a child and rediscovered the power of just raw and unadulterated worship. This is the type of worship that just jumps out in the best of times and flows out as tears in the worst. The faithfulness God has always shown is expressed in me by songs.     Read More
Dick is a songwriter from the UK, in London.  Dick performed and played in bands for more than 10 years, back in the day.  In 2002 Dick felt he wanted to devote his time to music production, and the creation of music and assist in the development of artists.   Dick’s plan was to focus on creating new songs and lyrics, not cover songs, and making sure he pushed his production ideas into 'finished' pieces.  Though as Quincy reportedly said 'it's not that they are ever finished, they are just abandoned!'     Read More
Zethel has performed or ministered in concerts and crusades as well as her home church, Victory Church in Dublin.  A more recent performance on the 25th of March 2018 and 8th of July 2018.  She is looking forward to performing in some churches here in Ireland and at a number of conventions in Ireland and in Nigeria in the later part of the 2019.     Read More
Micheal Doran Sr., is a songwriter that has songs that he has written and produced.  Touch Music Group closed a deal with Micheal to republish, reproduce and compose new renditions of the songs so that the songs might have a chance for possible licensing or distribution.     Read More
In the 2000’s Paul ‘retired’ from the local band scene but continued to write guitar based rock songs and began recording them on a basic home recording set up. Looking to add some further depth to his songwriting, Paul taught himself some studio basics and began using drum machines and synthesizers in his music.     Read More

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