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Pop Out The Box (Top 40)

Pop Out The Box

Pop Out The Box, is the imprint that hosts all the Top 40 / Mainstream music produced and published by TMG.  Music style published on the imprint are; Pop Music, Ballads, Rock, Adult Contemporary and Rap Music. The music is composed by the combined works of the many artists and producers on the TMG roster.  The Brand hosts a number of artist from more than 8 countries overseas.

The TMG division is run by Will Wilson and Scott Oliver, these two are both artist and producers, as well as the main producers for the core music of the company and all it’s in-house production.   Will is the CEO and A&R of the Touch Music Group Corporation, and Scott is the MEO (Music Executive Officer), and is responsible for the creation quality of all the music.  The label has a catalog of more than 5000 tracks.

TMG Australia (Blue Pie Distribution)
Pop Out The Box

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